Yumeutsutsu Yakoemaki【booklet】
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Yumeutsutsu Yakoemaki【booklet】

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This is the booklet for「 Hyakki Yako : Night Parade of One Hundred Demons 」 drawn during Inktober back in 2017. This booklet has been translated into English with hope that it can be understood for people outside Japan.as well. Spcial Thanks: Natsu Asaba・Nagifry What is 『Hyakki Yako - Night Parade of One Hundred Demons』?  → https://goo.gl/Rjyn1X ────────────────────── Order cannot be canceled once we have received it We thank you for your understanding ────────────────────── ■ To customers outside Japan■ We do not provide overseas shipping option through this shop. Please check the transfer service through the URL below and use this shop instead. ▽ tenso.com  https://www.tenso.com/en/ ▽How to make a purchase from the “MIHOSHI+Passage”
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 with the payment amount and “Tenso Address”. (Available in paypal)  3. )Make payment to “tenso.com” for the oversea shipping fee and other charges. (Available in credit card and paypal) ■Product Specification■ | Size | ・ W148 × H210 mm(A5) ・ Color ・ 24 pages | Special Offer | Comes with an original embossed letterpress printed nekomata coaster! You can use it both as a normal coaster and as an aroma diffuser that can infuse your favourite perfume smell and enjoy the fragrance. | Payment Method | Can be transferred through Paypal where possible.   | Shipping | After confirmation of the order, the goods will be shipped in accordance with order number after Within 7 days. | Cancellation | Oder cannot be canceled once we received it. Please pardon us for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding. | Regarding Returned Goods | ・Basically, cancelation and returned goods are not acceptable. ・In case the incorrect items arrive, Unless they are in damaged condition, they cannot be returned. We thank you for your understanding. | Note |  ・As we do not have a clear grasp on the number of copies for the first booklet production, the number of the available copies are limited, resulting in the high price. ・For those who wish to get the delivery slip, please contact us from the mail button at the store. We will send it in the form of PDF. | Please Read | You cannot use, reprint, copy, distribute, alter, etc. any information, images, etc. beyond the scope of private use of individuals as stipulated in the copyright law.