Yumeutsutsu Yakoemaki【booklet】
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Yumeutsutsu Yakoemaki【booklet】

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This is the booklet for「 Hyakki Yako : Night Parade of One Hundred Demons 」 drawn during Inktober back in 2017. This booklet has been translated into English with hope that it can be understood for people outside Japan.as well. Spcial Thanks: Natsu Asaba・Nagifry What is 『Hyakki Yako - Night Parade of One Hundred Demons』?  → https://goo.gl/Rjyn1X ────────────────────── Order cannot be canceled once we have received it We thank you for your understanding ────────────────────── ■ To customers outside Japan■ We do not provide overseas shipping option through this shop. Please check the transfer service through the URL below and use this shop instead. ▽ tenso.com  https://www.tenso.com/en/ ▽How to make a purchase from the “MIHOSHI+Passage”
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 with the payment amount and “Tenso Address”. (Available in paypal)  3. )Make payment to “tenso.com” for the oversea shipping fee and other charges. (Available in credit card and paypal) ■Product Specification■ | Size | ・ W148 × H210 mm(A5) ・ Color ・ 24 pages | Special Offer | Comes with an original embossed letterpress printed nekomata coaster! You can use it both as a normal coaster and as an aroma diffuser that can infuse your favourite perfume smell and enjoy the fragrance. | Payment Method | Can be transferred through Paypal where possible.   | Shipping | After confirmation of the order, the goods will be shipped in accordance with order number after Within 7 days. | Cancellation | Oder cannot be canceled once we received it. Please pardon us for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding. | Regarding Returned Goods | ・Basically, cancelation and returned goods are not acceptable. ・In case the incorrect items arrive, Unless they are in damaged condition, they cannot be returned. We thank you for your understanding. | Note |  ・As we do not have a clear grasp on the number of copies for the first booklet production, the number of the available copies are limited, resulting in the high price. | Please Read | You cannot use, reprint, copy, distribute, alter, etc. any information, images, etc. beyond the scope of private use of individuals as stipulated in the copyright law.